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Gaming group Drama

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Apr. 21st, 2008 | 01:06 pm


So Last night during gaming I kinda lost my cool went WAY overboard with my frustration last night.

My character had been currently butting heads with another, and yesterday at one point during the campaign I just plopped him in a corner scuttled up into some crawlspace and said he was scampering away from the group.

Basically I had grown tired of how my character was getting constant death threats from the other guys character... Was wearing rather thin.

I seemed to have gone overboard with my venting giving impression that I was out of the game.
When I was just going to retire my character... And we play at my house...

So I screwed up there.
The other player got annoyed, got the impression I personally didn't like him, or had issues with him. Anyway, moodyness ensued, today we all receive the message he is dropping gaming for a while because he hasn't been enjoying it.

So here I am, a little lost trying to get in touch with him and try see if he wants to head on out and have a drink so we can talk things over smooth out some of the crap thats been building up.

I like him, he's a good friend, I'd hate to think that I gave him the impression I dislike him.

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A big hollow man with a fistful of sham

(no subject)

from: jewbacca1897
date: Apr. 21st, 2008 05:02 pm (UTC)

Blah, I hate when gaming drama crops up. One of my groups is disintegrating because one of the group members is a miserable little bastard who wants everyone else to be just as pathetic as he is. The other group is filled with self-important turbonerds that I really can't stand. My third group has one power-gamer that will whine at the drop of a hat. Why can't this all be easier?!

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