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An old joke

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Mar. 16th, 2010 | 12:27 pm

So this guy comes in to a country and says.

Hey I got this great Idea!
Look it's an act a whole family act yea?
So I get elected Prime minister while my telecommunication funnels cash into my pocket, so I'm flinging crap at the people, then my wife comes in and shoves all the money up her ass and takes a piss all over the people since now it's her money and not my money anymore.
See then my Kids come in, right one boy and two girls. Cute kids.

So my son starts ramming all this money up his ass too. and takes a piss on everyone, and my daughters go off fucking some of the people in the country and off course they too start shoving all the cash up their ass.

And then I get a lot of people shot because they are smuggling shit, different shit, powdery shit, not like my tasty bullshit, lining them up dumping their bodies in rivers stuffing them in containers and tossing them off shore and sinking down into the ocean because the only shit these bastards should be eating is mine and not the one from people next door. Fuck it I'm not power hungry.

I built this airport purely out of shit, it's so bad the day we opened it we had to close it to fix it, the damn thing was falling apart since my wife hide most of the money from that up her ass, should have seen it stretched out and puckering while were drooling crap all over the public face, everyone was smiling wide with their own little sanchez!

Now I have no more money so I steal some more selling my company and taking a shit on the people so there's more room, start cramming it up my ass. Now some people come round and while my backs turned they threw me out of the country, but I'm smuggling cash up my family and my own ass. HAHA!
We go round the world dropping shit and stirring it like crazy, we send some back home some people drink it up and smear it on their faces and decide it's the best damn shit in the world and they want me to come back and give them some more.

SO there I am crapping out more and more massive of it, of course ome money comes out with it but I got tons more people just lapping it up as I send home more shit and money, I keep getting throw out country after country.
Fuck it's been 4 years and People still eating up my shit more and more.My families pissing all over everyone and we are screwing right in front of the judges ramming big old fistfuls of cash right up into my wife and daughters asses' while the judges watch and I tell them I have no money.

I'm laughing it off I'm the economic advisor to my home countries biggest grudge and rival, and I'm dumping steaming turds everywhere. I'm so happy with it, they want to drag me home and put me in jail but I'd rather see blood in the streets and the country burn so I can come back and sit on a thrown of dead people and shit. Stinking streets littered with rotting corpse so I can walk around and fuck them each and everyone while stealing from their bodies.

And now my shit is so tasty I have a following, people wearing shirts and headbands saying come home and give me more shit! We can't get enough your tasty shit. Topple the government so we can drink your shit down deep.
It's great Im eating teacakes and they are spilling their own blood all over the streets all I had to say was 500 hundred a day!

Jaw agape in shock and terror the world looks on "What the heck do you call that?"

The Aristocrats!

Because I needed some catharsis and I thought I would try my hand at that horrible joke.
Now it's pretty coprophile simply because It's easy and I didn't want to mix in fiction.
Easily could have derailed into some really putrid crap.

Completely unrelated to current real world events

Probably could use an editor and someone else to help refine but it's a filthy old joke.

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