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Apr. 2nd, 2007 | 12:47 am

I have no right to Angst be feeling kinda cruddy.

No real Ideas on How or why.

Guess it's just that time again.

Real Update:
Things here in Melbourne are great.
Love being down here. Weather is so much more appealing and wonderfull.
So terribly tempted to willingly botch my Visa and passport application just so I can stay.

Thing I really should not do to say the truth.
Being very counted on back in Thailand.

Not sure why. (Sorry that feeling useless thing crawling back and consuming my mind.)

I think there is a horrible blow at me right now (Now that I am reflecting on it)
That I am feeling terribly terribly un... Self sufficient.
Just the uneasy horrible feeling like i'm just... ridding and cruising on other peoples efforts.
Makes for an interesting holiday to tell the truth.
Probably mentally blocking any kind of introspection truth.

Need more pants.

It's Late. I'm not actually tired. But I should go to bed.
Well I am tired I'm just. Not in the mood to sleep.
Moods. Funny fucking things.

Urge to delete this post is really great, but I figure it has it's place in this journal.

It is after all a journal. And while this is a considerably public forum. I am not averse to divulging personal things.

In anycase. Going to surf the web a while longer. SLeep for a few hours.

Hopefully not bother too many of the residents here. Wonderfull people to put up with me.

I hate being mopy and self depreciating.
Sometimes I can't help it.
Something else I am wondering wether I should eviscerate a section of my personality.

It seems to be causing trouble.

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(no subject)

from: cumbernotathome
date: Apr. 3rd, 2007 03:05 pm (UTC)


Everyone's entitled to be mopy and depressed sometimes.

It was great to see you for the brief period we were both in the same state.

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