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Political rollercoaster.

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Jun. 23rd, 2008 | 06:16 pm

So things are escalating overtly which is rather surprising here.

But anyway, there's potential for ANOTHER military coup mounting.

Lots of double talk and fake political rallies. (If you ever need a Heavy dose of cynicism follow Thai politics)

Current prime minister is leaving some people unhappy, lots of people are protesting, (but they are being supported and *FUNDED* [Yes protests are paid for round these parts] by the previously outed last prime minister.

Military has tried to explain to him in some very round about ways and layered speech which is rather common round here that they aren't happy and he should walk away as it were and step down.

Now for the last month the PAD (peoples Democratic Alliance) have been protesting Samak (current minister) telling him, please step down we don't like you, in ways that aren't as direct as you would expect from street protesters. (Also some discussions and mentions that most of this group is currently supported and funded by current military who were key to throwing out last minister.)

The other day, the current minister on his weekly TV show (I kid you not)
That he won't be pushed out of government by protesters.

This reply came not after a month of protesting, but a DAY after the military called him in for a talk about how they were not too happy with his performance.

So, depending on how the week will go, we might hit another coup.

Currently votes of no confidence being organised against current minister and his cabinet.

(If you think I am joking about protester purchasing, well vote buying is a common tradition round these parts considering the last prime minister is up for tax evasion charges on the stock of his own personal corporation numbering at somewhere in the billion of baht, and most protesters, voters, being rather poor, can be bought for a few hundred baht.

Anyway. See whats going on later.

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