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This is sick

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Mar. 15th, 2010 | 02:38 pm

Protesters wanted 1 Million people to turn up they had maybe over 100 000 at one point but seem to have dropped below by now. (4th day of protest)

Trying REALLY hard to come up with that 1 million figure one way or another.
the red shirts came up with this brilliant genius plan


Natthawut Saikua, a red-shirt leader, announced at 1:40 pm Monday threatened to pour 1 million cc of blood of 100,000 red-shirt people around the Government House.

Natthawut said the red-shirt people would collect their blood and pour the blood at every gate of the Government House at 6pm.


Right so... You need give or take 200cc per person given some wastage and say some discrepancy for not having 100,000 protesters but wait there's also old ladies and young people among the crowd so maybe 400cc per person... to be collected and spilt on the ground in front of government house in 4 hours time... I sure hope you guys can source 100 000 needles in time otherwise "Sharing and caring" is taking a whole new meaning.


And now it's awesome.
No longer awesome


Nation: How much is 1 million cc of blood? Our calculation is 750 or so big bottles of water that you get from gas stations.
Twitter community is intensely scrutinizing the blood donation plan. Most say it can't be properly done under the circumstances. Hygiene concern is the biggest issue.

To correct our blood calculation, it will take 666 1.5 litre bottles _ the type handed out at gas stations _ to contain the amount.


666 bottles of blood on the wall...
666 bottles of blood on the wall...
You take one down you spill it on the ground...

damn your 5L jugs

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Comments {2}

Master Haakon

(no subject)

from: master_haakon
date: Mar. 15th, 2010 09:59 pm (UTC)

Wow this is just getting more bizare by the minute. Let's hope they don't start taking donations by force from random passersby.

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Lupin Chevalier

(no subject)

from: shivwuffy
date: Mar. 16th, 2010 02:38 am (UTC)

It's... Not right.

They now have pictures up they started this morning and are aiming to be done by tonight.

They are taking donations from EVERYONE.
There is a series of photo's of them drawing blood from a 10 yr old boy.

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